Sports Integrity

Active Canberra delivers a range of sport integrity workshops throughout the year to build the capacity and capability of the sector to provide safe, fair and inclusive sporting environments. Please refer to the Education and Training Calendar for dates.

Play by the Rules

Please refer to Play by the Rules for information.

Member Protection Information Officer 

Please refer to Play by the Rules for information.

National Integrity of Sport Unit's Education Program

The National Integrity of Sport Unit's Education Program is now available online. The program allows sports to meet their obligations to educate players, support personnel, officials and staff under the obligations of their match-fixing policies.

To access the program:

  1. Visit the e-learning portalExternal Link - opens in new window
  2. Select the 'Get Started'option on the front page.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Then you can now start thecourse!

Australian Sports Commission Sports Integrity Resources

The Australian Sports Commission has developed a range of resources to support the sector, which include:

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