Revised Range of Combat Sports Captured in the ACT - 8 December 2016

On 7 September 2016 the ACT Government issued a Policy Position Paper with a focus on developing legislative amendments to provide a modernised regulatory framework to improve the safety and integrity of combat sport in the Territory and to better harmonise the ACT with other jurisdictions.

The Policy Position Paper was informed by the consultation findings following the release of the Discussion Paper: Regulation of combat sport in the ACT in December 2015, as well as earlier industry specific consultation.

In working to progress these reforms, Active Canberra has now formed the view that the ACT’s existing Boxing Control Act 1993 (the Boxing Act), through its connection with the NSW regulatory scheme, has a wider application. A broader interpretation covering a wider range of combat sports better reflects the expectations of the Canberra community.

As a result, the Boxing Act will now be applied in line with the definition of combat sports in the Combat Sports Act 2013 (NSW). This means that all combat sports operating in the Territory are regulated by the Boxing Act and require approval, unless excluded under the Combat Sports Regulation 2014 (NSW), Schedule 1 - excluded sports, martial arts and activities, or the sport, martial art or activity otherwise meets the requirements of clause 5 of the NSW Regulation.

Unless your combat sport has a specific exclusion above, prior to any contest an application for approval to conduct a combat sport event must be provided to the Territory together with the required documentation and accompanying payment. Only upon approval from the Territory can a combat sport contest take place.

Combat Sports: Policy Position Paper (PDF 256 KB) Word Version (202 KB)

Discussion Paper: Regulation of combat sport in the ACT (PDF 1.0 MB) Word Version (125.5 KB)

Amateur Combat Sport Contests Application Form - Coming soon  

Professional Combat Sport Contests Application Form - Coming soon

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