Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement

Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement

Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement (AW&E)  is designed to assist athletes to make informed decisions that impact performance in sport and life.

Today's athletes live, train and compete in a complex environment and through increased instant media, face public scrutiny placing significant pressure on all areas of their life and their ability to manage their actions.

They are faced with a myriad of contemporary issues such as social media, image/public profile, media, mental wellbeing, integrity, professionalism, career and education, finance, anti-doping, illicit drugs and gambling.

Our media is populated with news stories of athlete's decisions and choices more often poor that have significant consequences.

Through a multifaceted approach, athletes will be provided guidance, resources and educational opportunities to achieve personal and professional empowerment and become professional, accountable, responsible and resilient in their approach towards sport and life.

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