Our Cycling Program is one of the 8 National Training Centre programs for cycling in Australia hosted by a state institute/state academy of sport. All programs work within the same framework and share the same primary objective. The program will focus predominantly on supporting athletes in Olympic/Paralympic events.

The Program operates under a tri-partisan agreement between ACTAS, Cycling Australia and Cycling ACT (previously the ACT Cycling Federation).

It is measured by key performance indicators to determine levels of funding and service support to athletes. Current key performance indicators for the program include:

  • the number of athletes selected into Australian Teams and squads with particular focus on Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • World Championships
  • Commonwealth Games  

Selection for our Cycling Program is primarily based on athletes ability to develope over a two-year period with the aim of national team representation. However this is not the only thing considered by the selection committee.

Transition from Under 19 to either Elite Women or Under 23 Men is often a difficult for developing athletes. Those within the program who have demonstrated their potential to succeed in Open-Age categories will be developed with their long-term career in mind. Some may take longer than the primary based goal of two years. Athletes in these circumstances will be assessed on their performance enhancement and future capabilities.

Program Selection Criteria

Information relating to the ACTAS Cycling Program Selection Criteria is available through Cycling Australia.   

Program Partners

Cycling Australia Logo Cycling ACT

Notable ACTAS Cycling Graduates

Olympic Games  

Caroline Buchanan

Chloe Hosking

Michael Matthews

Oenone Wood

Daniel Ellis

Michael Rogers

Tracey Gaudry

Mary Grigson 

Paralympic Games  

Michael Milton

Jane Armstrong

Anthony Biddle

Kial Stewart

Sue Powell

Commonwealth Games 

Tracey Gaudry

Peter Rogers

Michael Rogers

Margaret Hemsley

Mary Grigson

Alison Wright

Mathew Hayman

Oenone Wood

Daniel Ellis

Chloe Hosking

Gracie Elvin

Nathan Haas

Vicki Whitelaw

Michael Matthews

Nathan Hart

Brandie O'Connor

Thomas Clarke (pilot)

Paul Kennedy

Contact Us

Head Coach - ACTAS Cycling Program

Phone: (02) 6207 4388 (+61 International)
Fax: (02) 6207 2071 (+61 International)

Postal Address: PO Box 147 Civic Square Canberra ACT 2608