ACTAS Program Aims

One National High Performance plan

Netball nationally must think from an integrated not individual jurisdiction perspective in both planning and program delivery: "whole of system contribution focus".

It is critical to secure strong national and state organisational alignment, particularly around strategic plans: this has implications for governance, culture and relationships. There is significant alignment between current national/state strategic plans and one plan for high performance is achievable.

A secure increased funding base with rolling four year funding envelopes will allow netball to plan with confidence and provides a secure platform on which to grow our capacity and sustainability.

An aligned high performance program will involve:

A National Talent Identification and Development Framework

Strengthening our talent identification and talent development system for netball's pre‐elite athletes and their coaches is critical in gaining early engagement with these talented individuals. Increased resources will provide a larger national footprint and will enable the nationally identified athletes to access quality training environments.

State Institutes and Academies of Sport

The National Institute Network (NIN) programs are an integral part of talent development, support of national athletes and provide the Daily Training Environment (DTE) for Diamonds and 21/U squad members. Netball is included as a program in the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS), Northern Territory Institute of Sport (NTIS), South Australian Sports Institute (SASI), Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS), Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS), ACTAS and West Australian Institute of Sport(WAIS).

The National Underage Camp and squad programs are also supported by the NIN.

The delivery model varies in each State and Territory to cater for specific needs of the State, based on available resources (financial and people), demographics and subsequent size of the talent pool.

NIN delivery models are as determined by the Netball Australia (NA) National High Performance Plan.

ACTAS Program Responsibilities

The ACTAS Program provides a daily training environment that supports NA's decentralised national and international netball programs.

ACTAS will offer up to 24 scholarships each year (up to 12 Gold and up to 12 Black) to netballers across the Territory and surrounding regions following the selection of national teams by NA and identified Tier 5 athletes by Netball ACT (NACT) selectors.

Selected ACTAS Tier 3 athletes may be supported to compete in the Australian Netball League competition.

The ACTAS Netball Program also supports emerging Develop a Diamond athletes through a separate commercial program.

The program is led by a NACT employed Talent and Performance Manager who will contract other support staff including specialist coaches, assistant coaches as well as other technical or logistical staff as required.

The ACTAS Program will predominately cater for the development and support of nationally identified and emerging athletes, structured to deliver athletes into the NA National Age Team Program/s and or national squads.

Program Selection Criteria

Information relating to the ACTAS Netball Program Selection Criteria is available through Netball ACT.

Program Partners

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