Recreation User Stakeholder Group

Recreation Users Stakeholder Group

The purpose of the Recreation Users Stakeholder Group (RUSG) is to provide a regular forum to discuss matters that relate to active recreation participation and the management of recreation on public land and water in the ACT. The forum will be an opportunity to:

Further information on the Recreation Users Stakeholder Group can be found here:

Recreation Users Stakeholder Group Terms of Reference

Meeting Minutes - 21st March 2016

Trails ACT Summary

Trails ACT Planning and Management Guidelines

Meeting Minutes - 20th July 2016

Australian Adventure Activity Standards

Meeting Minutes - 9th November 2016

Meeting Minutes - 15th March 2017

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Meeting Minutes - 20th February 2018

Meeting Minutes - 24th July 2018

Meeting Minutes - 14 July 2020

If your club/organisation is interested in attending a meeting or contributing to the meeting agenda please contact Sport and Recreation on (02) 6207 2071 or subscribe to updates here.