Social Media Definitions

Social Media

Definitions of Social Media
Objective Definition Platform
Online Communities Places where people create online profiles in order to connect, share and talk about topics that interest them. Can be single interest communities or multi-topic. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
Media Sharing Platforms that enable you to share certain types of media (video, photos). YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest
Micro-Blogging Small message sharing including links and other media. Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, FourSquare
Rating and Linking Tools that enable consumers / readers to recommend your material. AddThis, DIGG,
Broadcasting Sending messages out. Email, MailChimp
Others A range of platforms emerging on the market with specific goals such as cause promotion. Twibbons, Cyfe
Tips for the big guys
Platform Do's Don'ts
Your Website Ensure you keep it up to date and a core communication tool because it's the only one you completely control. Neglect this in lieu of the
next big platform
Facebook Build a fan base
Promote events
Run competitions
Try to do too much – target your focus
Let everyone participate, without rules
Twitter To follow people of interest to you
To create followers who read your messages
As a linking platform to your other material
To promote in real time and engage on outcomes
Start it without resourcing it
Put messages out and not be willing to engage (backlash inevitable)
LinkedIn Link to other professionals
Learn from like-minded groups
Promote activities
Email Utilise the most used application on the internet n a smart way
Drive subscribers to your other material
Get analytics on what people like and don't like
Breach the Spam Act