Healthy Food at Sport

Conclusion of the Healthy Food at Sport Project

The Federal budget ceased funding for the National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health from 1 July 2014, immediately impacting on the funding partnership with ACT Health for the Healthy Food at Sport (HFaSP) project and the proposed transition of the program to an on-line resource during the final year of the project (2014-15).

The HFaSP team has commenced winding up the project and can advise of two new initiatives that will be rolled out in early 2015. These initiatives are happy to support existing HFaSP participating clubs/organisations build on the range of healthy options that have been implemented to date. The new initiatives are:

Update on the changes to the Food Act 2001

On 27 November 2014 the ACT Legislative Assembly passed the Food Amendment Bill 2014. The Bill will result in non-profit community organisations selling food for fund-raising purposes not having to register or have a Food Safety Supervisor, except at certain regulated events, regardless of the type of food being sold – with the changes coming into effect in April 2015.

For further information or if you have any questions in relation to the changes, please contact Health Protection Service, ACT Health on (02) 6205 1700.


Clubs/organisations will still have access to the series of fact sheets and newsletters that the HFaSP produced over the life of the project. They can be accessed on the ACT Health website.

Clubs/organisations can access additional resources available through the new ACT Health initiative called Good Habits for Life.  More information is available on the Good Habits for Life website.