2016-17 Small and Emerging Sport and Recreation Investment Program (SESRIP)

The 2016-17 SESRIP, administered by Active Canberra is now open for applications. Once the applications period closes, the assessment process will be undertaken and a list of successful recipients will be available on the Active Canberra website.

Applications open on 2 August and close on 31 August 2016.

The primary objective of the Small and Emerging Sport and Recreation Investment Program (SESRIP) is to provide financial assistance to new and emerging sports (and associated clubs) to establish a stronger presence and profile in the ACT community. This program recognises that "traditional sport" may not meet the needs of all members in  our community, with many people seeking a different experience for their physical activity.

For further information regarding the SESRIP, please refer to the 2016-17 SESRIP Funding Guidelines web page:

Alternatively, you can download the 2016-17 SESRIP Funding guidelines

How to Apply

To apply for the 2016-17 SESRIP please complete the online application form:


If you have any questions regarding the SESRIP please contact Active Canberra Senior Project Officer Dougal Reed on 6207 6195 or email dougal.reed@act.gov.au.