Interim Measures for Combat Sports - 20 March 2018

Between 24 November 2017 and 25 January 2018, Active Canberra conducted targeted community consultation on a range of interim measures for regulating combat sports in the ACT. This included an updated Boxing Control (Combat Sports) Code of Practice 2018 and a new Boxing Control Regulation 2018. Thank you to those that provided feedback to this process. Active Canberra is pleased to let you know that these regulations are now in effect, having been notified on 13 March 2018.

Boxing Control (Combat Sports) Code of Practice 2018

All fight shows from this point forward will need to adhere to the updated Boxing Control (Combat Sports) Code of Practice 2018 (No 1). The main updates relate to:

  • All applications must be submitted no later than 28 Days prior to the proposed contest/s with supporting documentation and payment (your applications from this point forward are now required to be submitted online. Please refer to the Online Applications and Payments section below); and
  • Draft fight card is required at the time of lodging your application, unless you have made prior arrangement with Active Canberra. The final fight card is required no later than 5 working days prior to the contest/s. There is also an option to provide a list of substitute fighters to accommodate for last minute changes to the fight card, as only the combatants listed on the final fight card will be considered as part of the approval by Active Canberra. You will no longer be able to add a combatant to a fight show once the final fight card has been submitted.

Boxing Control (Combat Sports) Code of Practice 2018 (PDF 21.6 KB)  Boxing Control (Combat Sports) Code of Practice 2018 (Word 18.7 KB)

Boxing Control (Combat Sports) Code of Practice 2018 – Fact Sheet (PDF 365.8 KB) Boxing Control (Combat Sports) Code of Practice 2018 – Fact Sheet (Word 146.9 KB)

You are encouraged to read the full Boxing Control (Combat Sports) Code of Practice 2018 (No 1) and its Explanatory Statement to understand the full requirements. These documents are available online at ACT Legislation Register.

Boxing Control Regulation 2018

The Boxing Control Regulation 2018 defines what activities are not defined as a ‘boxing contest’ under the Boxing Control Act 1993. This includes low-risk demonstration and training activities. These activities no longer fall under the requirements of the Act, providing they meet the stipulated requirements set out in the Regulation. For routine training activities, this means that the session is closed to the public and is not-for-profit. This includes sparring. For demonstration events to meet this criteria they must be a display or exhibition that showcases the skills of the combatants participating in the event and the particular movements of the style of the combat sport, are not-for-profit, for which no official score is kept and no official winner recorded. You are encouraged to read the full Regulation and Explanatory Statement to ensure you understand these requirements, also available online at ACT Legislation Register.

Boxing Control Regulation 2018 (PDF 393.3 KB) Boxing Control Regulation 2018 (Word 92.6 KB)


All interim changes up until this point have referred to the Boxing Control Act 1993, including the Code of Practice and Boxing Control Regulation.  Drafting of the new legislation, the Controlled Sports Bill 2018, is currently underway. We are working towards an anticipated commencement in early 2019.

It is important the Government takes the time to ensure that the new legislation is as robust as possible, taking into consideration the previous consultations with industry stakeholders.

In the meantime, all requirements remain under the existing Boxing Control Act 1993, which includes the Code of Practice and Boxing Control Regulation, which will remain in place until new legislation is in effect.

On 7 September 2016 the ACT Government issued a Policy Position Paper with a focus on developing legislative amendments to provide a modernised regulatory framework to improve the safety and integrity of combat sport in the Territory and to better harmonise the ACT with other jurisdictions.

Combat Sports: Policy Position Paper(PDF 256 KB) Word Version(202 KB)

Discussion Paper: Regulation of combat sport in the ACT(PDF 1.0 MB) Word Version(125.5 KB)

Revised Range of Combat Sports Captured in the ACT - 8 December 2016

The existing Boxing Control Act 1993 (the Boxing Act), through its connection with the NSW regulatory scheme, has a wider application. A broader interpretation covering a wider range of combat sports better reflects the expectations of the Canberra community.

As a result, current 1993 Boxing Act is applied in line with the definition of combat sports in the Combat Sports Act 2013 (NSW). This means that all combat sports operating in the Territory are regulated by the Boxing Act and require approval, unless excluded under the Combat Sports Regulation 2014 (NSW), Schedule 1 - excluded sports, martial arts and activities, or the sport, martial art or activity otherwise meets the requirements of clause 5 of the NSW Regulation.

Unless your combat sport has a specific exclusion above, prior to any contest an online application for approval to conduct a combat sport event must be provided to the Territory together with the required documentation and accompanying payment. Only upon approval from the Territory can a combat sport contest take place.

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