Disability Sport and Recreation

The development of inclusive practices in sport and recreation provide individuals, organisations and the community with a number of benefits including higher levels of independence, greater social cohesion and overall enrichment of our community.

The vision of the ACT Government for people with a disability is:

"All people with a disability achieve what they want to achieve, live how they choose to live, and are valued as full members of the ACT community." (Disability ACT, 2009)

2017 Inclusive Participation Funding Program (IPFP) Recipients Announced

Minister for Sport and Recreation, Yvette Berry, has announced $80,000 in funding through the 2017 Inclusive Participation Funding Program (IPFP).

The primary objective of the IPFP is to increase participation opportunities is sport and recreation for the identified target populations:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders;
  • Culturally and linguistically Diverse (CALD) People;
  • Older Adults; and
  • People with a Disability.

For more information on the IPFP, including a list of the 2017 IPFP recipients, please visit the Inclusive Participation Funding Program (IPFP) web page.

Supporting Participation

Active Canberra can assist sport and recreation providers and clubs to increase their capacity to provide participation opportunities for people with a disability in the following ways:

  • To assist sports develop a practical Disability Participation Plan
  • Facilitate links and partnerships with disability sport organisations
  • Encourage ACT sporting organisations to work with their national bodies to implement national strategies for the inclusion of people with a disability
  • Promote the sharing of good practices and experiences to enable organisations to learn from each other
  • Where possible identify and implement professional development opportunities to support program development and delivery
  • Identify and promote funding opportunities relevant to inclusive participation
  • Support funding recipients where required to implement their programs
  • Promote events and programs on behalf of organisations to the sport, disability and education sectors
  • To operate as the Sports CONNECT agency for the ACT


Sports CONNECT is a national framework, coordinated by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), delivering a range of programs that increase opportunities for people with a disability to participate in sport and physical recreation.

Active Canberra is the ASCs partner agency for the delivery of Sports CONNECT in the ACT.

Key programs of the Sports CONNECT framework are:

Sports Ability

Sports Ability is an exciting inclusive program developed by the ASC that aims to provide people delivering sport or physical activities with more ways of including people with a disability and to encourage inclusive interaction between people with and without a disability in a sporting environment.

For more information on Sports Ability visit the ASC websiteExternal Link - opens in new window.

Sports Ability Kits

Sports Ability kits are available for schools, disability service providers and sport organisations in the ACT to borrow. To borrow a kit please call (02) 6207 2076.

Webinar Series

The Sports CONNECT webinar series aims to assist people in sport to provide more opportunities for people with disability to participate in sport and active recreation.

NDIS and Sport

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) assists individuals with a disability to obtain necessary services and services that enable them to achieve personal goals and aspirations.

Sport and recreation organisations can become a registered provider within the NDIS to receive funds allocated to the individual to participate in their activity.

Many sport and recreation organsiations do not meet the NDIS criteria to become a registered provider. For those that do not meet the criteria, Active Canberra can provide your details to the National Disabiltiy Insurance Agency to share with individuals as they are transitioning into the NDIS.

For more information on the NDIS visit the NDIS websiteExternal Link - opens in new window.

Further Information

If you would like advice and/or assistance on inclusive sport and recreation activities available in the ACT; how to include people with a disability in your sport and recreation programs; or assistance with linking to disability service providers to develop partnerships and better promote programs then please contact Active Canberra.

Active Canberra can also assist in the promotion of your events and programs to the sport, recreation and disability sectors; as well as providing inclusion training for sport and recreation organisations, clubs, coaches, development officers and administrators.


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