Plans of Management

Urban Open Space and Public Land including Sportsgrounds

Under the Planning and Development Act 2007 (section 320 (1)) the custodian for an area of public land must prepare a plan of management for the area. The plan must include a description of the area to which it applies and outline how the management objectives for the area are to be implemented or promoted (management objectives are defined in Schedule 3 of the Act). A plan of management is a disallowable instrument and comes into effect six sitting days after being notified and presented to the Legislative Assembly.

Plans of management identify what is important about an area (its values), what is hoped to be achieved in the management of the area (objectives) and the means by which the objectives will be achieved (policies and actions). A management plan is intended to provide direction and guidance to the land custodian, visitors, neighbours, volunteers, and others with an interest in the area. Preparation of a management plan includes extensive consultation with key stakeholders and members of the public.

Types of Urban Open Space and Public Land identified on the Territory Plan include:

  • Town Parks
  • District Parks
  • Neighbourhood Parks
  • Pedestrian Parkland
  • Laneways, Road Verges and Medians
  • District Sportsgrounds
  • Neighbourhood Sportsgrounds
  • Informal Use Ovals
  • Native Grassland Sites
  • Recreation Parks
  • Semi-natural Open Space
  • Heritage Parks
  • Special Purpose Areas
  • Lakes and Water Features
  • Cemeteries

Note: Enclosed ovals are not included as they are Restricted Access Recreation areas in the Territory Plan.

All the areas above are managed by the relevant land custodians being either by Active Canberra (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) or City Services (Territory and Municipal Services) in accordance with the following plans of management:

  • Woden and Weston Creek Urban Parks and Sportsgrounds 1998
  • Belconnen Urban Parks and Sportsgrounds and Lake Ginninderra 1998
  • Urban Open Space and Public Access Sportsgrounds in the Gungahlin Region 2007
  • Inner Canberra’s Urban Parks and Sportsgrounds 2000
  • Tuggeranong’s Urban Parks and Sportsgrounds 2000

All of the plans of management listed are disallowable instruments and are available on the ACT Legislation Register. Copies of the plans of management can also be found at local ACT libraries.


For further information on any of the areas of land covered in the plans of management listed call:

  • Access Canberra on 13 22 81.