Commercial and Non-Commercial Sportsgrounds Hirers

Those organisations registered as incorporated associations and companies limited by guarantee are eligible for the non-commercial hiring rate. These types of legal entities are bound by law to operate on a not-for-profit basis, meaning they cannot trade or secure pecuniary gain for their members.

Organisations registered as public and proprietary companies limited by shares and individuals (i.e. sole traders) are considered by Active Canberra as commercial entities for sportsground hiring purposes. These organisations have no restriction on how profits are distributed and therefore any profits may not necessarily be retained for the benefit of the sport and recreation industry.

To assist in distinguishing between commercial and non-commercial groups, all hirer’s will be now required to include their ABN/ACN (if they have one) with their booking form.

Principal Users

Those organisations hiring ACT Government sportsgrounds will be now required to acknowledge through the booking process that they will be the primary organisation conducting activities on the sportsground (the Principal User). Organisations are unable to book on behalf of another organisation/user group.