Seasonal Availability by Activity

Check the availability of sportsgrounds by date and activity.
Activity Central Woden-Weston Tuggeranong Belconnen Gungahlin
Australian Rules Central_AR


Tuggeranong_AR Belconnen_AR Gungahlin_AR
Athletics Central_AT Woden-Weston_AT Tuggeranong_AT Belconnen_AT Gungahlin_AT
Baseball Central_BB Woden-Weston_BB Tuggeranong_BB Belconnen_BB Gungahlin_BB
Cricket – Concrete NONE Woden-Weston_CC NONE Belconnen_CC Gungahlin_CC
Cricket – Synthetic Central_CS Woden-Weston_CS Tuggeranong_CS Belconnen_CS Gungahlin_CS
Cricket – Turf Central_CT Woden-Weston_CT Tuggeranong_CT Belconnen_CT NONE
Cricket Practice Nets – Concrete Central_CPN Woden-Weston_CPN Tuggeranong_CPN Belconnen_CPN NONE
Cricket Practice Nets – Synthetic Central_SPN Woden-Weston_SPN Tuggeranong_SPN Belconnen_SPN Gungahlin_SPN
Cricket Practice Nets – Locked Central_LPN NONE Tuggeranong_LPN Belconnen_LPN NONE
Football – Soccer Central_SC Woden-Weston_SC Tuggeranong_SC Belconnen_SC Gungahlin_SC
Football – Six-a-Side     Tuggeranong_SA    
Grid Iron Central_GI Woden-Weston_GI Tuggeranong_GI Belconnen_GI  
Hockey Central_HY Tuggeranong_HY Belconnen_HY Gungahlin_HY
Netball Central_NB Woden-Weston_NB Tuggeranong_NB Belconnen_NB NONE
Oztag Central_OZ Woden-Weston_OZ Tuggeranong_OZ Belconnen_OZ Gungahlin_OZ
Rugby League Central_RL Woden-Weston_RL Tuggeranong_RL Belconnen_RL Gungahlin_RL
Rugby Union Central_RU Woden-Weston_RU Tuggeranong_RU Belconnen_RU Gungahlin_RU
Softball Central_SB Woden-Weston_SB Tuggeranong_SB Belconnen_SB
Touch Football Central_TF Woden-Weston_TF Tuggeranong_TF Belconnen_TF Gungahlin_TF
Ultimate Central_UL