Grants FAQs

Grants FAQs

General Information

The overall aim of the Sport and Recreation Grants Program (SRGP) is to enable organisations to provide opportunities to increase lifelong participation in sport, recreation and structured physical activity. Each program has a specific set of objectives. These can be found on this website.

Generally Organisations must:

What are the funding categories available?

There are three main SRGP funding category types. For more information please select the type of grant you are applying for:

If you are applying for more than one project covered by another funding category, a new application is required to be submitted for that category. If you are unsure of the guidelines please contact the Active Canberra Grants Officer on ph: 6207 6195.

I have a project idea, what do I do next?

How does an organisation lodge an application?

What assistance can Active Canberra staff provide?

Can I have feed-back on my application?

What other assistance can I receive in submitting an application?

Will all organisations receive an equal assessment?

What is the Funding Period?


Who is eligible to apply?

ACT sport, physical recreation and community organisations applying must:

Who can not apply?

Funding is not available to:

Application Process

Do I need a Login Code / Password to apply Online?

What is involved in entering an Online Application?

Does my organisation need to be Goods and Services Tax (GST) registered and what does this mean?

Should I include GST in the budget?

Does my organisation need public liability insurance before a grant is offered?

What will not be funded?

What are the funding parameters?

Can I submit a hard-copy of the application?

Can I lodge my application late?

Can data be transferred – attached/cut/pasted into the Online application?

Can I exit and come back to an application later to re-edit before submitting by the due closing date?

How detailed does the budget need to be?

Do quotes have to be on official "Supplier Letterhead"?

What happens after lodgement of an application?

What happens if my application is successful?

What if my application is unsuccessful?

Acquittal Process

What are the reporting / acquittal requirements for a grant?

An acquittal involves providing documentation that shows how you spent the money that you received in accordance with the Funding Deed. This may include an independent audit of the grant expenditure.

What happens if money/funding is not fully expended?

How do we acknowledge funding in our advertising?

What is Brand Canberra?

General - Do's and Don'ts