Grants FAQs

General Information

The overall aim of the Sport and Recreation Grants Program (SRGP) is to enable organisations to provide opportunities to increase lifelong participation in sport, recreation and structured physical activity. Each program has a specific set of objectives. These can be found on this website.

Generally Organisations must:

  • provide matching funding (dollar for dollar) for financial assistance;
  • be aware that financial contribution towards the project must be exclusive of GST;
  • demonstrate that you have sufficient funds; and
  • have any required approvals to commence and complete the activity.

What are the funding categories available?

There are three main SRGP funding category types. For more information please select the type of grant you are applying for:

  • Sport and Recreation Operational Program (SROP) Triennial and Annual funding for Peak Body organisations only;
  • Community Sport and Recreation Development Program (CSRDP) funding for programs/projects and equipment (non consumable items); and
  • Capital Assistance Program (CAP) funding towards quality facilities /permanent structures.

If you are applying for more than one project covered by another funding category, a new application is required to be submitted for that category. If you are unsure of the guidelines please contact the Active Canberra Grants Officer on ph: 6207 6195.

I have a project idea, what do I do next?

  • Make sure your organisation is eligible for a grant and meets the guidelines specific for that particular Program (refer to the Program Category Guidelines).

How does an organisation lodge an application?

  • Organisations can only apply online through SmartyGrants web-based system via the CMTEDD grants web page.
  • Applications for a funding round generally open late August and close early October each year. Dates advertised within the Active Canberra and ACT Government web site.

What assistance can Active Canberra staff provide?

  • Active Canberra – contact the Active Canberra Grants Officer on 6207 6195 to discuss your intended proposal.
  • SmartyGrants – if you wish to discuss or have difficulties submitting your online application and need assistance contact SmartyGrants on (03) 9320 6888 or email SmartyGrants.

Can I have feed-back on my application?

  • Yes you can contact the Active Canberra Grants Officer on 6207 6195 to discuss your application.

What other assistance can I receive in submitting an application?

  • Your sport's Peak Body organisation should be able to provide some advice or assistance in considering your application.

Will all organisations receive an equal assessment?

  • Yes all applications are assessed on merit of the proposed activity. However it should be noted that the application process is competitive and cannot guarantee funding.
  • Successful applications will be those which:
    • best meet the objectives of the program;
    • demonstrate need and benefits;
    • provide cost effective budget; and
    • can demonstrate that the organisation applying has the capacity to deliver the activity.

What is the Funding Period?

  • Grants are provided on expenditure made within the Calendar Year of funding.
  • Retrospective funding is not provided.
  • Please refer to Guidelines of the Program you are seeking for specific details.


Who is eligible to apply?

ACT sport, physical recreation and community organisations applying must:

  • have an ABN number;
  • be registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) if applicable (if turnover is greater than $150,000 per annum for non-profit organisations);
  • be a not for profit organisation
  • be incorporated in the ACT under the 'Associations Incorporation Act 1991' or a company registered under the 'Corporations Act 2001' (Commonwealth) with its principal place of business in the ACT;
  • run activities or projects within the ACT for the ACT community;
  • have a current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $10 million);
  • have compliance requirements under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 up to date; and
  • have satisfactorily acquitted all previous grants provided by Active Canberra (except for current year's funding), including financial acquittals for any other ACT Government agency grant.

Who can not apply?

Funding is not available to:

  • Individuals;
  • Organisations outside of the ACT;
  • Schools and Tertiary institutions;
  • Parents and citizens associations;
  • Organisations without an ABN;
  • Organisations not incorporated within the ACT;
  • Organisations without public liability insurance ($10 million);
  • State and Federal agencies; and
  • Commercial entities (except for CSRDP).

Application Process

Do I need a Login Code / Password to apply Online?

  • Yes when logging in to SmartyGrants online system you will be required to register your organisation and enter a password (your own) – (please keep record in a safe place).

What is involved in entering an Online Application?

  • Most sections of the application are required to be completed. If you fail to complete a mandatory field, the system will prompt you to complete the step involved before submitting the application, (NOTE: once submitted your application can not be updated).
    • Some of the following organisations details are required when entering an application:
    • name and address of the organisation;
    • organisation's contact email address and website address (if applicable);
    • contact person's name and details (including position, phone number, email address); and
    • organisation's ABN.
  • Save regularly as if the application is not used for a period the system may close and any entries may be lost.
  • Supporting documentation, such as quotes, strategic plan, insurance, financial statement etc. must be included within the application.
  • If you have any technical difficulties or issues submitting your application, for assistance you can contact SmartyGrants on (03) 9320 6888 or email SmartyGrants.

Does my organisation need to be Goods and Services Tax (GST) registered and what does this mean?

  • Your organisation is required to be registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) if turnover is greater than $150,000 per annum for non-profit organisations.
  • If an organisation is not GST registered, and does not have an Australian Business Number (ABN), a Statement by Supplier Form can be completed, available from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website. If this form is not completed, then Active Canberra will withhold 49% of the grant in lieu of tax. More information on GST can be obtained at the ATO websiteExternal Link - opens in new window.

Should I include GST in the budget?

  • No the Budget (income & expenditure) must be exclusive of GST and in whole dollars (no cents).

Does my organisation need public liability insurance before a grant is offered?

  • Yes a minimum of $10 Million. If you are being auspiced by another organisation it is possible to use their insurance but it should be agreed with them and their insurance company in writing.

What will not be funded?

  • funding to individual athletes;
  • travel and associated costs;
  • freight costs;
  • consumable equipment items (such as bats, balls, etc);
  • programs / projects that are considered by Active Canberra to be part of the organisations 'core' business;
  • grants for retrospective assistance (money already spent);
  • previous grants that have not been satisfactorily acquitted;

What are the funding parameters?

  • Funding provided typically is no more than 50% of the total project/program cost.
  • All funding provided is to be 'match funding' – i.e. dollar for dollar by the organisation.
  • The maximum amount for each grant is determined by each grant program.

Can I submit a hard-copy of the application?

  • No only online applications will be accepted.

Can I lodge my application late?

  • No late applications will not be accepted as the online system will not accept applications after the closing date and late applications can impact on timelines for the grant assessment process.

Can data be transferred – attached/cut/pasted into the Online application?

  • Yes if any problems, refer to SmartyGrants 'help' button for compatibility.
  • If unable to provide supporting documents online (quotes etc.), then must be provided to Active Canberra within one week of the grant closing date.

Can I exit and come back to an application later to re-edit before submitting by the due closing date?

  • Yes before exiting, save your application. Re-enter by choosing the application you have already started.
  • However once submitted, applications cannot be recovered to re-edit as has now been received by Active Canberra for processing.

How detailed does the budget need to be?

  • Your budget needs to be detailed enough to explain your request – be appropriate, realistic and exclusive of GST and cents. You should also show other contributions you have received or sought for the project/program and separate these from the grant amount requested from Active Canberra.

Do quotes have to be on official "Supplier Letterhead"?

  • Yes preferred, but emails may be accepted - at least one quote or preferably two should be provided.

What happens after lodgement of an application?

  • Applications are checked to ensure all information has been provided and for eligibility of the organisation.
  • Applications are assessed through several stages by Active Canberra.
  • Recommendations are then provided to the Minister for Sport and Recreation for funding approval.
  • Once a decision has been made, successful applicants are informed and a public announcement made – generally around January/February of the funding year.

What happens if my application is successful?

  • A letter of offer and a Funding Deed is provided to successful applicants.
  • Organisations are required to return a Deed signed and an invoice/tax invoice in-order for funding to be paid.
  • The Deed makes explicit the obligations of both the grant recipient and the ACT Government. This will include reporting and acknowledgement requirements.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

  • Unsuccessful applicants are notified in writing.
  • Feedback can be provided upon request.

Acquittal Process

What are the reporting / acquittal requirements for a grant?

An acquittal involves providing documentation that shows how you spent the money that you received in accordance with the Funding Deed. This may include an independent audit of the grant expenditure.

  • Acquittal of funding is due within three months after the termination of the grant funding period (i.e. funding period is a calendar year / acquittal due by 31 March following year).
  • Acquittal and funding 'Special Conditions' (if any) are outlined in the Funding Deed.
  • If acquittal is not provided by the due date, the organisation MUST ensure they contact the Grants Officer to advise of the circumstance and when to expect receipt.
  • Future funding may be jeopardised if previous acquittals are not received for grants provided by Active Canberra (except for current year's funding), including financial acquittals for any other ACT Government agency grant.

What happens if money/funding is not fully expended?

  • You should initially contact Active Canberra to advise circumstances surrounding the expenditure. The Deed outlines that unexpended money should be returned to Active Canberra as part of the acquittal process.

How do we acknowledge funding in our advertising?

  • Any funding provided should acknowledge the ACT Government for the support. This support is to be recognised on signs, stationery and electronic means through the Brand Canberra initiative. Acknowledgement Guidelines are outlined in the Program Category Guidelines or and via the Active Canberra website where a copy of the ACT Government's logo can also be obtained to include in your advertising material. 

What is Brand Canberra?

  • Brand Canberra is the culmination of a long process that involved many individuals and organisations in Canberra. Brands are not logos or taglines, Brands represent a whole set of ideas formed by every experience people have with an organisation, a product, a service – a city. The objective of the Brand is to get people to think about Canberra in a positive and powerful way.
  • To discover more about Brand Canberra, visit the Brand Canberra websiteExternal Link - opens in new window  where you can access the Brand Canberra technical guidelines and logo suite.

General - Do's and Don'ts

  • Do not 're-start' your application as a "new" application – re-open the one you have started.
  • You can continue through each 'Step' and return as required – saving regularly.
  • Budget/funding is exclusive of GST and must be whole dollar amount.
  • All funding is based on 50% matching funding (if otherwise stated).