Controlled Sports Advisory Committee

Controlled Sports Advisory Committee

The Controlled Sports Act 2019 (Section 86) allows for the establishment of a Controlled Sports Advisory Committee to provide advice on controlled sports within the ACT.


The Controlled Sports Advisory Committee (the Committee) is a committee that will provide advice to the Minister.

The Committee will assist the Minister by providing advice on complex registration applications and reviews (for events, officials, contestants and sporting bodies), and provide and develop advice and policy on controlled sports in order to achieve the legislation’s objectives of safety and integrity for controlled sports events in the ACT.

Controlled Sports Advisory Committee Draft Terms of Reference

The Committee's Terms of Reference are indicative only. The final approved Terms of Reference will be provided on this page once the inaugural Committee has endorsed them.

Controlled Sports Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

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Industry positions on the Controlled Sports Advisory Committee

The 6-member Committee will comprise of the Controlled Sports Registrar, specialist and industry representatives, and ACT Government Representatives. The Chair will be the Executive Branch Manager, Sport and Recreation.

Applications are currently being considered for two industry representatives from the combat sports industry. Appointments are for a period of 36 months (three years) with the possibility of re-appointment.

The Act commenced operations on 11 October 2019. The Committee will be officially established soon after the commencement of the legislation, subject to Cabinet approval. 

Assessment of applications

Applications are currently being assessed in accordance with the Position Description requirements by a panel. Recommendations will be made to Cabinet for the appointment of the Advisory Committee, and approved by the Minister for Sport and Recreation. 

When will I be advised of the outcome?

Applications closed on 30 September 2019. After this time, applications will be assessed by Government officials and a recommendation made to the Minister for Sport and Recreation. In accordance with ACT Government processes, all appointments must first be considered by Cabinet. Applicants will be notified once this has occurred.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Committee or about how to apply, please email or call Tina Connor on (02) 6205 9312 (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri).