Controlled Sports (Combat Sports)

Controlled Sports (Combat Sports)

The Controlled Sports Act 2019 commenced on Friday 11 October 2019. Applications are no longer being accepted under the Boxing Control Act 1993.

Overview of Changes from existing model

The Controlled Sports Act 2019 regulates the conduct of specified events involving combat sports or other high-risk activities. This includes a comprehensive framework to support health and safety and integrity objectives including:

  • the registration of officials (from promoters to medical personnel);
  • the registration of contestants, subject to appropriate medical clearances;
  • the registration of events and approved sporting organisations;
  • rules for the conduct of events generally, with minimum standards (e.g. prohibited techniques and age requirements); and
  • compliance and enforcement initiatives (e.g. inspectorate functions).

What is still to happen?

The ACT Government is finalising arrangements for the Act. This includes:

  • Establishment of exempted light contact combat sports - you can find out more or apply for an exemption here
  • Establishment of Authorised Controlled Sports Bodies - you can find out more or apply here
  • Establishment of the Controlled Sports Advisory Committee - you can find out more or apply here

Applications for registrable events & notifications of non-registrable events:

Applications to hold a registrable controlled sports event, or notify of a non-registrable controlled sports event can be made via the controlled sports events applications page (opens in new window).

Applications to register as an official or contestant in the ACT:

Applications to register as an official or contestant may be made from the Contestant and Official registration page (opens in new window).

Important notes about contestant and official registration:

Applications to become an Authorised Controlled Sports Body for non-registrable events:

Applications to become an Authorised Controlled Sports Body can be made via the Authorised Controlled Sports Body page (opens in new window).

Applications for light contact combat sports exemption:

Applications to have your combat sport (or a particular discipline) exempted on a light contact basis can be made via the light contact exemptions page (opens in new window).


The new fees for events taking place after commencement of the Act on 11 October 2019 will be:

Registration Fees


Promoter/Manager/Matchmaker application fee


Corporation applying as a Promoter application fee


Trainer/Second/Judge/Referee/Timekeeper application fee


Medical Practitioner application fee


Contestant application fee for one or more styles of combat sport – initial


Contestant to add additional styles of combat sport to current registration


Registration renewal application fee

As per new application fee

* Registration is valid for three years.

Registrable Events


Application fee for up to 500 tickets to be sold


Application fee for between 501 to 2000 tickets to be sold


Application fee for 2001 or more tickets to be sold


* Ticket means a ticket or entry voucher that admits one person only as a spectator.

Non-Registrable Events


Application for declaration as an Authorised Controlled Sports Body


Notification of non-registrable event


Light Contact Combat Sports Exemption Applications


Application for a declaration that a light contact combat sport is not a controlled sport


Fee Refund Policy

Applications for refunds of a fee paid can be made to the Controlled Sports Registrar. Refunds will be issued in accordance with the Controlled Sports Fee Refund Policy.

Fee Refund Policy - Word (opens in new window)Fee Refund Policy - PDF (opens in new window)
Fee Refund Policy - Word

Fee Refund Policy - PDF

Useful Links

Controlled Sports Act 2019

Controlled Sports Code of Practice

Controlled Sports Regulation

Controlled Sports Public Interest Guidelines

Contact Us

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Call 13 22 81
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Community Consultations Reports Released

In June 2019, the ACT Government consulted on three pieces of subordinate legislation have formed part of the new Controlled Sports Act 2019 operations.Stakeholders were able to have their say on:

Industry stakeholders were also invited to review two policies relating to components of the legislation that have been raised in previous consultations. These are:

  1. The Light Contact Combat Sports Exemption Policy - this policy explains how to apply for exemption as a light contact combat sport under Section 8 of the Act.
  2. The Commercial Purpose Policy - this policy explains how commercial purpose will be determined in distinguishing between registrable and non-registrable events.

Two reports have been prepared in relation to the consultation. The Report on What We Heard provides a brief overview of stakeholder views on the matters outlined above, while the Stakeholder Consultation Report provides more detail on the methodology used, as well as more detailed analysis. The reports are available for download below. Final documents are now policies and subordinate legislation are now available on this website.

ReportDocuments for Download
(Opens in new window)
Report on What We HeardReport on What We Heard - PDFReport on What We Heard - Word
Stakeholder Consultation ReportStakeholder Consultation Report - PDF Stakeholder Consultation Report - Word