Authorised Controlled Sports Bodies

Applications to become an Authorised Controlled Sports Body

General Information

The Controlled Sports Act 2019 allows for Authorised Controlled Sports Bodies to oversee the conduct of non-registrable controlled sports events.

An authorised controlled sports body is an entity that is either a National Sporting Organisation or an entity declared by the Minister for Sport and Recreation to be an authorised controlled sports body.

A non-registerable controlled sport event involves a controlled sport that is a combat sport where the event is non-registerable - for example the event is not held for a commercial purpose (see the policy in PDF or Word), or the contestants are not competing for monetary or other valuable reward. These events are open to the public (other than a demonstration event).

All non-registrable events must be approved by an Authorised Controlled Sports Body. The person conducting the event is then required to notify the Controlled Sports Registrar in writing of the event at least 28 working days before the event is intended to happen.

The Authorised Controlled Sports Body has responsibilities to ensure that the event:

- Is run in accordance with the Authorised Controlled Sports Body’s rules

- Is appropriately insured

- Promoter does not have any legal, financial or personal interest that may conflict with the conduct of the event

- Promoter has met any stated conditions of the Authorised Controlled Sports Body (for example, contestants are medically fit to compete, there are appropriate emergency management procedures in place for the event, and the promoter agrees to comply with the body’s reporting requirements).

Approved Authorised Controlled Sport Bodies

Applying to become an Authorised Controlled Sports Body

An organisation can apply at any time to become an Authorised Controlled Sports Body. 

Applications will be considered by the Controlled Sports Registrar before seeking approval from the Minister for Sport and Recreation. The Registrar may seek advice from the Controlled Sports Advisory Committee (once established), or other appropriate experts during the assessment process.

How to submit your application

There are two methods of submitting applications depending on whether you are a National Sporting Organisation or another body.

National Sporting Organisations (or affiliates based in the ACT)

If you are a National Sporting Organisation your status as an Authorised Controlled Sports Body is automatic if you are recognised by Sports Australia, and will already be listed as an Authorised Controlled Sports Body. You should provide a request in writing accompanied by evidence from Sports Australia of this recognition if you have not been recognised in the initial approval of bodies. National Sporting Organisation affiliates based in the Australian Capital Territory are included in this automatic process. You can email your request to the address below.

Other Bodies

If your organisation is not a National Sporting Body recognised by Sports Australia you must meet specific criteria in order to be recognised. Full details of these requirements are available in the Selection Criteria document below.

Your application must be in writing and should address the selection criteria. You must include contest rules for the disciplines your body proposes to cover, and can include other attachments if appropriate – for example photographs or other pictorial demonstrations.

Acceptable file formats include Word, PDF, JPEG and PNG.

Applications can be submitted by email or post.



Access Canberra
Attention: Controlled Sports Registrar
Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT 2601

Controlled Sports Body Selection Criteria

Word (opens in new window)

Selection Criteria Word

PDF (opens in new window)

Selection Criteria PDF

What bodies (other than recognised National Sporting Organisations) should include in an application

The information in the below is a general guide to what the Registrar will be looking at during the assessment process. You are advised to ensure your written application addresses each element of the selection criteria:



A sound governance framework

The entity has an effective board structure and constitution to guide the operations of the organisation

Strong risk management procedures

Evidence of policies and practices that reduce the likelihood of risks within the organisation

Appropriate educational processes

The entity provides education, training and accreditation processes for controlled sports officials at events

Effective rules and procedures

The organisation has in place effective rules, procedures and medical processes for events

Assessment of Applications

Applications from National Sporting Organisations (or their affiliates based in the ACT) should be assessed and an outcome notified quickly.

Applications from bodies other than National Sporting Organisations (or their affiliates based in the ACT) will be assessed in accordance with the selection criteria requirements. The assessment is made by the Controlled Sports Registrar, who makes a recommendation to the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

When will I be advised of the outcome?

Applicants will be notified once the Minister’s decision has been made.

How much does it cost to apply?

There is no fee to apply to become an Authorised Controlled Sports Body.


If you have any questions about how to become an Authorised Controlled Sport Body please email or contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81.